What Is Branding?

Even though most people have heard of branding, very few actually understand what branding is. Branding is almost always mistaken as a logo, slogan, name or color combination, or anything that differentiates you from your competitors. Your brand is the mental picture that represents you to your customers and is almost always evolving. A number of factors can influence how effective you get to brand yourself.



Consistency is the number one thing you need to think of whenever branding comes to mind. A constantly changing brand won’t do you much justice if you want to create a unique image that your clients can come to identify. In order to create brand consistency, you need to have guidelines in order to make sure that everything you do is in line with the message that your brand is trying to portray. Once you have the guidelines, you can now refer to these guidelines in all of your marketing efforts. Brand consistency also means aligning yourself with platforms or personalities that will effectively represent your brand.



You can’t afford to target every audience If you are looking to build a strong brand. You have to narrow down your audience if you are looking to grow to the best of your ability. Knowing your audience will make it easier to create social media content, write your blogs or create those catchy video ads. You can define your target audience by age, sex, or location after which you can learn about their interests, etc.



Is your brand original and truly different from your competitors? Being different is what will ultimately make your brand stand out. If whatever you are offering is different from your competitors then it will be very easy to brand yourself without actually putting in a lot of effort. The whole purpose of branding is to get people to want to do business with you hence you need to provide whatever service or product you are advertising as not doing so will be false advertising. So part of branding involves providing a unique service or product

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