Medical & Healthcare

We help private practices, group practices, HMOs, and Hospitals grow with our patient-centered marketing strategies.


Our strategies have helped residential and commercial contractors, engineering firms, architects, and interior designers to attract the right clients.


Whether it’s a minimum viable product or you’ve already received seed funding or Series A, B, and C funding, we can help you grow.


From solo firms to large law firms, litigation firms to transactional firms, we can help you grow no matter your practice area.


We don’t only focus on beauty and cosmetic marketing but we also focus on pre-launch research, branding, and packaging design.

Retail Stores

From specialty stores, department stores, to supermarkets, X Design Solutions can take you to the next level with our  custom multi-level marketing campaigns.


Our innovative strategies have helped automotive companies to implement successful regional and national campaigns.

Food & Beverage

We offer food and beverage marketing for your business whether you are launching to disrupt the market or re-branding your business.


We help educational startups, schools, and higher education institutions attract the preferred clients, students, and faculty.


Our entertainment marketing campaigns have been a success for our clients in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate

We’ve helped real estate agents and brokerages to not only get more clients but to establish themselves as leaders in their markets.


We’ve helped our finance clients to stay ahead of the competition by using our innovative marketing strategies.


We have more than 8 years of experience in marketing and design, which have helped us to not only study the industries we’ve worked in but we’ve also come up with effective ways to do research, design, and optimize campaigns in industries we have no experience in. We use the following process to guarantee results:


  • Researching and Discovering

  • Designing and Developing

  • Launching 

  • Continous Optimization

"So far I'm very happy with my experience with them for the past 3 months. They are like my in-house marketing team that I can always call or email to brainstorm marketing strategies and they implement them with ease, whether it's a video campaign, PR campaign or web design. If you want to see results, I suggest talking to X Design Solutions."

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